#3 : Cities, between Moderation and Excess – March 21th, 2013

This conference aimed to explore the paradox between the “regulatory” measure of European cities and the actual excess that can be observed in so-called emerging countries. Changes in scale, certainly, but also new ways of thinking the “destination branding” of tomorrow.


3 major themes were discussed :
• Greater London : an inspiration to the great Paris ?
• Smart & Sensitive Cities : when cities have brain.
• Meet the monumental (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Astana), the cities of the future.


5 French and international experts presented their prospective studies and recent experiences : Philippe Sajhau, Vice President IBM Smarter Cities Growth Initiatives France, Maria Corts, London & Partners – National Office of Economic and Tourism Promotion London, Romain Montegu, Marketing Manager at Maxis – SimCity, Alexander Cortey, Brand Consultant and co-founder of The Randomer and Dilara Shurshenova, business analyst specialist of the Kazakhstan.


At the end of the day, the participants told me they wanted to go on a study tour to discover the cities closer. Any takers for the next UrbanTrends Safari in Kazakhstan ?