#1 : Inspirations and respirations around future “world-cities”

The first UrbanTrends event – November the 9th, 2011.


The objective of this conference was to explore more deeply the overlap between the dream cities, imaginary cities and towns beyond the possible of the idea of programming / planning / spatial : not just BUILDING, but LIVING city.


New scalings and configurations of the urban environment.

The territories of the world city: new realities, new representations, new tensions.

What is meant by “re-territorialize the city”?

Two types of problems in the context of The Greater Paris with the cities of Neuilly-sur-Seine and Aubervilliers. Talk between Jean-Christophe Fromantin, Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine and Jean-Yves Vannier, Deputy Mayor for Urban Development and the Economic Sustainability at the Mairie d’Aubervilliers.


Jean-Yves Vannier – Deputy Mayor – Urban Development and Economic Sustainability – Mairie d’Aubervillier


Dharavi or how one of the largest slums in the world resists to Bombay, presented by Jahnvi Dameron-Nandan, emerging markets specialist for fine perfumery at Firmenich Paris.

Travel between centers and outskirts : The challenge of “new neighborhoods”.

I- The historic towns center : how to make them live between respect for heritage and logical development?

The reasons for the success or failure of urban planning of traditional town center. Presented by Olivier Badot, Associate Dean of Research at ESCP Europe.


Trade among the dynamic vectors : strengths and limitations, examples and counterexamples. Presented by Gerard Gallo, Laser CEO.

II- And on the outskirts : are the urban areas in distress revitalized ?

Paris, Delhi, Buenos Aires… : how the codes of the Universal trendiness invade the city and are migrating customers within the new megacities.


The “boboïsation” of the new “peripheral” centers : a new global standardization ? Strengths and weaknesses of current formula to stimulate the urban sites worldwide. Presented by Laurent Butery, PHD in Marketing, retail speicalist.


Focus on two examples: The “Millenaire” in Aubervilliers, Mama Shelter hotel in the Bagnolet. Presented by Cyril Aouizerat, Urbantech CEO and Mama Shelter co-founder.


Cyril Aouizerate – Urbantech CEO, Mama Shelter co-founder.

Artistic expressions in the city, aesthetic of impermanence

Witnesses of the crisis and actors of hope : artists take positions in the city and help “people” to express themselves (a journey in images and sounds). Presented by Patrice Snoeck, strategic planner, AndSoWhat.