The Club

The first reason that guided the creation of the Club comes from the fact that our consulting job to companies is in need for more radical changes in a context of crisis.
The deregulation of expertise, the access to reliable,but also sensitive and critical informations have become essential to try to think about the world around us and act in conscience.
Now the city is by definition a crossroads where everything is played today : mobility, population migration, survival conditions … The how to live together is as important as building parks and highways! This is the hard and soft in the city that concern us here. Urban planning and living conditions, “building” and lifestyles.
Our common theme is to observe and understand the expectations of the public, identify behaviors that emerge, think the expectations and practices of the people who inhabit the cities before infrastructure or features that surround them. As a marketing and future trends research company : we are trends purveyors, interfaces between the public, targets, contexts and socio-cultural phenomena that we are not used to connect so easily.